Our best natural deodorants: they really work!

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Our best natural deodorants: they really work!

Introducing NZ’s most effective aluminium-free natural deodorants…

Looking for an effective natural deodorant that really works?
If you’re searching for an aluminium free deodorant, the odds are you have tried a range of natural deodorants from herbal deodorants to the various crystal antiperspirant stones, roll-ons and crystal deodorant sticks – and none of them have been as effective as you hoped.  We’ve been there! That’s why we went on a mission to find aluminium free, paraben free deodorants that really work – and we’re delighted to share our most effective natural deodorant finds with you!

Natural coconut oil deodorants

Our bestselling natural deodorant, Black Chicken Axilla paste, is a coconut oil based deodorant. The Black Chicken deodorant is completely free of aluminium, parabens, and alcohol and contains only natural and certified organic ingredients. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and made right next door in Australia. It contains scrumptious essential oils to neutralise odour effectively, and gets rave reviews from our customers.

The Schmidt’s natural deodorant brand is a coconut oil deodorant stick which is a good option if you don’t want to apply your deodorant with your fingers, and comes in a range of yummy scents, ideal for both men and women. Schmidt’s deodorants absorb quickly, and contain no aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens or phthalates. The vegan-friendly deodorant sticks absorb moisture with plant-based powders and provide fragrance with natural essential oils. Nice!

Best aluminium free deodorants for women

Soapwalla natural deodorant cream is made with superfine vegetable powders and clays,and uses the essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, bergamot, peppermint and tea tree to create an aluminium free deodorant that lasts all day. This deodorant has a light fresh clean scent, is safe during pregnancy, won’t mark clothes, and absorbs quickly.

Women love the scent and effectiveness of the Black Chicken natural deodorant too. It absorbs quickly and lasts extremely well, regardless of whether you are at work or the gym, as it uses natural essential oils to neutralise bacteria odour – and provide a delicious natural fragrance.

Natural deodorants for men

We’re pretty excited about the new range of Schmidt’s natural deodorant sticks which come in a range of very manly fragrances including Bergamot & Lime, Cedar & Juniper, Tea Tree – or unscented. Aluminium free, cruelty free, vegan and healthy – that’s a good deodorant.

Other blokes prefer the Soapwalla natural deodorant – it isn’t technically an antiperspirant because it lets your body function naturally, but the superfine vegetable powders and clays are effective at absorbing moisture. Meanwhile, the 5 essential oils stop bacteria odour and provide a minty fresh fragrance. Scrummy!

Natural deodorants for sensitive skin

Our favourite natural deodorant for sensitive skin is Zoo Deodorant.  Zoo Deodorant is made right here in New Zealand from premium natural ingredients and doesn’t contain baking soda, for those with bicarb sensitivities.  Zoo also donates 50 cents from the sale of every pot sold to The Orangutan Project NZ – so definitely a great choice all round!

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