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We love brands that work for a better world!

You might have heard a friend say “I’m voting with my dollar every day”. It’s an empowering feeling to know that how you shop can change the world – quite literally!

Oh Natural’s top 5 tips on shopping for a better world

  1. Buy quality, buy less. Ask “Is it useful? Is it beautiful?” If the answer is no, don’t buy it! Find out more about the Minimalist movement.
  2. Buy local. Locally made means less carbon miles and less climate change. Also, people got paid properly to make it! Browse our 274 gorgeous products made by Kiwi brands.
  3. Buy Fair Trade. Fair trade means that the workers are getting paid a fair wage and have decent living conditions. There is no child labour. Families can afford to send their children to school and to the doctor. Brands like Kiwi run Trade Aid even send any profits back to the communities they work with, and run product development programmes to help communities produce products people will want in New Zealand. It makes their chocolate taste even sweeter!
  4. Buy products that are not tested on animals. We’ve got this one covered for you – nothing on our site is tested on animals. Shop away, knowing the bunnies and beagles are safe.
  5. Buy non-toxic. When we shop for natural products, we not only remove toxins from our bodies, but from the supply chain. Reducing demand for toxic chemicals is a great way to convince big companies to stop using them.

Top 5 Oh Natural brands that make your Good Dollar go further

Essence of Humanity

Essence of Humanity is a 100% social enterprise, dedicated to building an effective and ethical natural skincare brand, whose products nourish your skin while enriching the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. When you purchase an Essence of Humanity natural skincare product, you’ll enjoy healthy, beautiful skin. You’ll also be practicing ubuntu – a Kiswahili word meaning ‘human kindness’ – because 100% of surplus generated from Essence of Humanity sales go to support the poorest children around the world. The founders of Essence of Humanity know first-hand the devastating effects poverty has on children and their families through their work with communities in Africa. Browse their lovely skincare range here.


This sanitary care brand is serious about helping women. Tsuno is trying to change the lives of women in developing countries through the sale of beautiful, sustainable and socially responsible sanitary pads. Half their profits are donated to charities empowering women living in poverty. Discover bamboo period care here.

Zoo Nurtured

Zoo is a New Zealand based company who want to make a difference by providing customers with healthy, natural and safe alternatives to wellbeing products. They’re also keen to do their bit, that’s why 50 cents from the sale of every pot goes towards supporting The Orangutan Project NZ! Grab their charcoal tooth whitener or Cacay facial oil here and help the big apes.

Spud Sponge

The Spud Sponge team feel a deep responsibility to look after people in our world born into poverty, disadvantage and injustice. To help clean up Human trafficking and slavery (which affects over 27 million people), Spud Sponge is pledging $1 per Spud Sponge sold to be divided amongst the charities The Freedom Hub, The A21 Campaign and Destiny Rescue. Get a biodegradable Spud Sponge here.

Trade Aid

Kiwi organisation Trade Aid sources handmade, fair trade products from more than 65 trading partner organisations, which represent hundreds and thousands of small farmers and artisans in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Palestine and the Pacific. They work to change the lives of these producers and their families – and you can buy chocolate, teas, coconut oil and face sponges right here.


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