Our top 7 tips for buying natural makeup & non-toxic cosmetics

1. Make sure that lipstick is lip-smacking good!

We all know that lipstick ends up on coffee cups, kissed cheeks – and in our tummies. And, we know that lead is pretty bad good for us, but it’s often used in popular brands of lipsticks as a colouring agent (normally called Lake Red).

Skip the nasties and spoil your lips with the creamy colours of Zuii, 100% Pure and the incredible Luk Beautifood which is literally made from lip-nourishing food ingredients! You can buy natural lip balms and lip liners as well as our natural lipsticks online now.

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2. Discover the ultimate ‘natural eye makeup’

Natural eye makeup is so hot right now… and so many common brands of eyeshadows and eyeliners are anything but natural! Choose from the silky eyeliners and many hued mineral eyeshadows of 100% Pure, Sigil and Zuii, for eye makeup that really is natural – and naturally stunning.

3. Lay down the base

Yes, THAT base! Lay down that toxic base foundation… and switch to a natural foundation which is healthy for your skin. Our skin needs to breathe and these lovely natural tinted moisturisers, concealers, foundations and powders provide even tone and nourishing goodness for your skin – without any parabens or PEGs. Even skin-tone, add highlights, smooth, shape and tint with a huge range of natural makeup for an extra gorgeous visage!

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4. Tint those cheeks with natural hues

A natural beauty with blushing cheeks can turn heads. Our luscious cheek stains and natural blushes give you a huge range of scrumptious natural blushers that you can be completely relaxed about applying to your skin.

5. Unleash your lashes with mascara that lengthens and lasts

Bat those lashes! But make sure that the mascara on them is safe – natural eye makeup is essential to protect your precious eyes. Mascaras leave a build-up on your lashes, and this can let tiny particles fall into your eyes – which often contain carcinogenic ‘carbon black’.

We’ve searched for and found natural mascaras that give a dramatic effect, without employing dangerous chemicals – even a waterproof natural mascara! Browse for natural eyeshadows and mascaras here.

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6. Nails to die for

Only, with our phthalate and toluene free nail polish, you won’t need to! Choose from over 20 Priti NYC non-toxic nail polishes in all the colours of the rainbow, along with top coat, strengthener and of course, non-toxic nail polish remover.

These nail polishes are perfectly safe for children playing dress-up too.

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7. Choose your tools wisely

For flawless natural makeup, you’ll need some lovely natural brushes – and maybe eyelash curlers and a natural sponge to softly apply your foundation. Select your natural makeup tools here.

Browse the full range of Oh Natural makeup and shop online now!

You can also learn about David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid here.

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    Hi. I am wanting to know if anyone stocks a full range of this brand in Rotorua or the Bay of Plenty area? Thanks.

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