5 Positive News Stories You Haven’t Heard In 2020

Positive news stories

Even if you’re a ‘cup half full’ kinda person, right now it’s easy to feel like a ‘cup completely empty’ person instead. Every day we’re thrown another curveball, a different gut wrenching news headline, a fresh challenge to overcome or issue to face. It feels like the planet is falling apart and its people are falling with it.

2020 has been big, to say the least.

However, beneath the negativity of mainstream media, is positive news. Did you know there has been a whole lot of good happening in 2020 too? We just don’t hear about it.

Stay positive. Here are 5 positive news stories you haven’t heard in 2020.

Electric aircraft history is being made

The world’s largest electric plane took flight in May, soaring for 30 minutes through Washington State. The plane was powered solely by electricity, and even though it can seat just 9 passengers, it’s a step in the right direction.

As well as making history, this flight is a representation of the vast range of projects and research that is going into electric plane engineering. One day we might be flying through the sky without the aid of fossil fuels!

Humpback whale populations are flourishing

Until recently, things weren’t looking good for the humpback whale population. In the mid 1950s, approximately 450 humpback wales remained. After strict whaling bans and conservation efforts worldwide, the humpback whale population has increased by 93%. That’s something to celebrate!

Not only are humpback whales beautiful to witness, but they contribute greatly to biodiversity. A variety of species in an ecosystem ensures more resilience and increases the chances of the entire ecosystem thriving. Humpback whales may not seem to play a big role in your life, but their existence is connected to all other species.

Humpback whales

The bushfires in Australia have stopped

From September 2019 until March 2020, Australia had some of the worst wildfires in Australian history. 25.5 million acres were burned, the fire plumes were so thick that NASA spotted them from space and the sky turned orange here in New Zealand. The fires killed 28 people, and devastated thousands of homes.

Early March, the fires ceased – positive news most of us didn’t hear about. From start to finish, the fires blazed for a total of 240 days. Although it will take years for Australia to truly recover, it’s important to acknowledge this positive news and the relief of thousands.

Luxembourg has made public transport free for everyone

Taking public transport is a brilliant way to commute with the planet in mind. On the 1st of March 2020, Luxembourg made it completely free! Luxembourg is a little country in Europe, tucked in between Belgium, Germany, and France. The nation has always been known for their environmentally friendly systems and decisions, but this is the icing on the sustainably-made cake.

The country of 620,000 made this decision based on the drastic number of traffic jams and car ownership per person. This decision could be the catalyst for other countries to consider making their public transport more affordable too.

Public transport

The Sims released an Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

Do you remember The Sims video game? Or perhaps you still play it? The Sims is a life simulation video game. It’s one of the best selling video games in history, and the new expansion pack is called… Eco Lifestyle.

In the game, you have the opportunity to build the ultimate sustainable city. Establish sustainable waste systems, install solar panels on every rooftop, up-cycle junk, practice arts and crafts, and face the challenge of turning a dumpsite into a community space.

This may sound like a silly piece of positive news, but the widespread reach of The Sims means this expansion pack could influence thousands of people to make eco changes in reality!

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