5 Products to Kickstart your Natural Beauty Routine

New year, new goals, new me.

Happy New Year! January is the time to set goals, begin challenges, reflect, and make daily habit changes for the better.

With the rise of awareness around what we put on our skin, and how chemicals and synthetics affect our planet, chances are, you’ve made resolutions to ‘green up your act’ this year, and start committing to conscious beauty.

Yipee! We just did a wee happy dance. Don’t worry if this new challenge feels daunting; we’re right there with you.

Switching to natural beauty products, and don’t know where to start?

5 products to kickstart your natural beauty routine:


Always start with your deodorant. We think natural deodorant is so important, we’ve even made a separate category for it on our site!

Why? Your armpits are precious. They’re a soft, sensitive spot, containing glands and pores that need to be looked after. We sweat, not because our bodies are trying to be annoying and ruin our fresh clean clothes, but to expel toxins from these pores, and regulate our temperature. Sweat doesn’t smell on it’s own, but the bacteria from your skin, mixed with sweat… smells not so lovely.

Newsflash: sweating is normal! But conventional deodorants don’t understand that. Conventional deodorants block your armpit pores and stop your body from expelling toxins.

Enter: natural deodorant. A natural deodorant absorbs sweat, rather than stops it leaving your body altogether, and helps to control the bacteria on your skin, to reduce smells. Natural deodorants also contain additional ingredients that improve your skin health too. Shea butter, mineral rich clay, and coconut oil are just a few of the ingredients you’ll find in natural deodorants to leave your arm pits soft and restored, as well as sweet smelling and dry.

Making the switch from a conventional to a natural deodorant, is a no brainer once you know the truth.

Our natural deodorants come in tubes, sticks, bars, jars, and roll ons. Take your pick at what works best for you.


If you coat your body in it daily… of course it’s important to have a natural moisturiser! Think about it. When you apply moisturiser, it disappears. That’s not magic; your skin has just absorbed the product. Whatever ingredients your moisturiser contains, pass through your skin, the largest bodily organ, and into your body. Conventional moisturisers may comprise of harsh chemicals that increase rashes, blemishes, and dryness, rather than eradicate it. Natural moisturisers, on the other hand, contain natural oils and butters that heal and restore naturally.

Your choice of natural moisturiser, will depend on your skin type. Luckily, we have a huge range of natural moisturisers that state which skin type they suit best.


While plastic disposable razors are incredibly wasteful, and conventional cartridge razors can cause rashes and discomfort, we recommend the latest eco-razor on the block, Preserve, or the old-fashioned (but definitely still cool) safety razor. This will be a natural beauty swap you’ll make once, and make right.

The Preserve Razor is made from recycled materials, like yoghurt cups and other common household items, and is completely recyclable at the end of its life. The lubricating strip above the ceramic coated blades contains aloe and cocoa butter. Meanwhile, the functionality of the razor isn’t compromised; it shaves like a dream.

If you’re more of a safety razor type of gal, we endorse that too. Safety razors prevent billions of plastic razors being thrown out every year. A safety razor is something you’ll have for your entire lifetime; simply remove the metal blades when blunt, recycle them, and replace.


No one wants to compromise their pearly whites for the sake of the planet. Thankfully, no one has to! Natural oral care has developed rapidly over the past few years, and switching to a bamboo toothbrush is always one of the first swaps individuals make when beginning their eco lifestyle.

Prepare yourself… every single plastic toothbrush you’ve ever used, still exists today. URGH! Meanwhile, a bamboo brush can be plucked of its plastic bristles (compostable bristles are currently being investigated), and thrown in the home compost bin. Wa-la!

Toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental floss, and toothbrush travel cases; we’ve got the entire range of eco oral products and they’ve all been tried and tested.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Maintaining healthy hair is everyone’s ongoing battle. Frizzy, curly, straight, wavy; we all have hair woes and bad hair days that last weeks. Want to know our secret? Natural haircare.

Traditional shampoos and conditioners have been found to strip our hair of its natural oils, and make our lush locks dependant on daily cleaning, just to keep the chemical induced shine. You’ll be rid of this harmful cycle once you’ve gone natural!

Natural shampoos and conditioners are filled with natural oils and plant extracts, to encourage hair health, growth, and positive condition. Swapping your hair routine to natural products, also reduces the amount of chemicals flowing into your drain and damaging the environment.

Happy hair, happy earth.

Our hair care range offers bottles and bars for all types of hair.

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