Our 6 best makeup tips for busy mums

Belle and Sage’s Emma Peters gives us her top makeup tips for busy mums!

Being a mum is probably the most important job in the world. It’s also the most rewarding, and
arguably, at times, the most harrowing!!

Time is short and there’s a budget to adhere to. The pre-kid me would have thought nothing of
spending half an hour doing my hair and makeup in the morning. And handing over hundreds for
the latest selection of face bling was second nature!

Kids come along and things change. Suddenly your solitary time has disappeared and it’s
impossible to get much done for yourself at all. A face-full of makeup seems like a thing of the past
and heated hair tools are outlawed. Because inevitably little hands will gravitate to the messiest or
most dangerous thing in the room every. single. time…!

I know that it’s easy to forgo makeup and beauty and ignore the fact that you once liked to look
polished. But being the custodian of little people doesn’t mean we need to give up our beauty
rituals altogether.

Here are some quick and easy tips for looking amazing with little time and on a budget!

1- Use a good moisturiser after washing your face in the morning. You don’t need ten fancy steps
and layers and serums. Just one great, hydrating moisturiser or face oil. You do however need to
make sure you exfoliate your skin every 3-4 days to allow your moisturiser to absorb properly.

2- A great concealer is your best friend. Especially in the earlier years of parenting when you’re
woken up twice every night by little people and at least once by the cat! Use your fingers to pat in
the concealer, paying extra attention to the inner and outer corners of the eyes.

3- A quick way to perfect looking skin is a mineral powder. Use a powder or kabuki brush to buff
this in to the skin using circular motions. Inika does a lovely loose mineral powder.

4- Mascara will wake up and brighten tired eyes. Keep it light, and wipe away any clumps or
smudges with a wet cotton bud.

5- A little bit of blush goes a long way. Choose the right colour and it will give your face a lift and
brighten your eyes. (Match to the flushed colour around your décolletage)

6- Choose multi-use products. This cuts down on the amount of products you need to buy. You’ll
create less waste. And they’re much easier to throw in your handbag for the times where you might
need to do your makeup at the traffic lights (not that I’m promoting that, but needs-must and all!).
This may be a foundation/concealer or a lipstick that you can double as a blush.

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About Emma Peters
Emma has over twenty years experience working as a make-up artist and has been studying the relationship between beauty and wellness for years. From private consults and group makeup lessons, to application and make-up bag detoxes, Emma can help you make beautiful, conscious choices, from the inside out. Find out more about Emma and her services available here. 

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