Introducing AWWA, changing lives of uterus-owners in Aotearoa

Michele Wilson and Kylie James of I Am Eva are changing the game for period-havers across New Zealand with their revolutionary period-proof underwear, the first of its kind to hit our shores in Aotearoa.

From offering a brand new way to manage your flow, standing up for pride and de-stigmatisation of periods to reducing waste from single use period products (every woman who switches to period underwear will throw away 200 fewer items in one year alone), this brand has made waves with women and girls across the country.

Just a year after the overwhelming success of a Kickstarter campaign that tripled its target, I Am Eva are celebrating the success of fighting period poverty, and attacking the stigma and shame around menstruation with a new name and a new partnership.

Introducing AWWA, a Kiwi brand going global with a life changing product and an empowering message. AWWA – All Women Wear AWWA – designed for teens, menstruators, support for women during and after pregnancy, and bladder leakage.

Directors Kylie and Michele believe that although we have come strides in feminism, there is still work to be done and AWWA is championing the movement for women to feel empowered, diverse and strong. What it means to be a woman is now a more fluid concept.

Director Michele Wilson explains the ethos of the new name: “AWWA embodies everything that we stand for and believe in for future generations of women. To us it means fluidity. AWWA is derived from the Maori word “awa” meaning river or flow. Maori referred to their period as te awa atua – the divine river, and we want every woman to feel divine and empowered during their period. AWWA is not just meant for those who menstruate, but gives amazing confidence to newly menstruating teens, and provides support and comfort during pregnancy, post-partum and for minor bladder leakage.”

AWWA are also delighted to announce an official partnership with Dignity, working to bring waste free period care to our most vulnerable schoolgirls throughout New Zealand. AWWA will be donating free period underwear for Dignity staff to give to school nurses.

“We wanted to do something to help these girls right now.’ said Michele “Although the government has said they are committed to helping fight Period Poverty, we can’t just wait for legislation to change.”

AWWA is changing the way women feel about menstruation by providing comfort and freedom to live life their way.

Kylie adds; “We want to empower women to be unrestricted in their choice of activities – whether they are swimming, playing sport or taking time out to read quietly in the sunshine, we have designed the AWWA range for all women.”



We have a pair of AWWA’s classic Eva Briefs to be won right here. Just comment below with why you’d like to win a pair!  CONGRATULATIONS TO KATHERINE TAYLOR – THE WINNER OF OUR AWWA COMP.

Competition ends Midnight Sun 10th Nov 2019, open to NZ residents only.

30 thoughts on “Introducing AWWA, changing lives of uterus-owners in Aotearoa

  1. Delight says:

    I will have 3 and half hours of traveling the bus daily in a couple months when I study mostly without access to a bathroom. I can never predict when exactly I’m going to start my monthly and so I’m looking into some underwear that can prevent me showing up to school a mess should I should I start on the ride to school. I could go for pads but it’s expensive and wasteful. I don’t know where to start with period underwear so entering this giveaway probably my first step.

  2. Tine Reymen says:

    I currently use a reusable pad on the first and last days of my period when I don’t feel my cup is quite necessary, but it always moves around and I never feel 100% secure… These would be the perfect solution!

  3. Ling says:

    Our period is sacred. Instead of trashing our blood away and abandon it to landfill, I’d love to try AWWA not just for the environment, but also to reconnect to our pure feminine power. Thank you for creating this right here on the land of New Zealand. xoxo

  4. Shivani says:

    I love the idea of these as an alternative to single use products. Would love to reduce my waste from my period. I’m not able to use internal products like cups so would love to have a pair of AWWA to try!

  5. sue says:

    Yes please. I already use I am Eva undies and find them very good. Love your new image, love your products.Would give to my daughter to try.

  6. Aimee says:

    Would love to try this new option in period care! So cool to see all these new options coming out 💚

  7. HARRIET JONES says:

    I’d love to try these. Would be great for those lighter days instead of a menstrual cup, and for overnight!

  8. Helen Smith says:

    Love the new name Awwa! I have been wanting to try these for a while, would love to win a pair!

  9. Helen Smith says:

    Love the new name Awwa! I have been wanting to try these for a while, would love to win a pair!

  10. Cushla says:

    Would love to try Awwa…… I have very irregular periods and get caught out frequently. I go through so many organic tampons it’s not funny. It would be amazing to not have to waste so much money plus not have such a negative impact on the environment 😊

  11. Tara says:

    I would love to win a pair because i want to be waste free and because I have never tried an alternative to pads and tampons before.

  12. Jade says:

    Really keen to try these waste free alternative to pads – they seem easier to use compared to a menstrual cup!

  13. Jacqui says:

    I’ve purchased overseas brand some years ago but it would be awesome to have a local brand on my toush. Plus I’m encouraging a group of girls in my class with their inquiry of sustainability of sanitary options. It would be fab for them to see an actual product 🙂

  14. Deene Alders says:

    I so want to try these especially in the gym and on the netball court! As well as reducing waste.

  15. Katherine T says:

    I would so love to try these please! I’ve heard amazing reviews and would love to change my current version of period undies – old holey ones from when I was pregnant that barely have any elastic left. My periods are heavy so it’s a stressful time, and I get really tired (literally) of having to get up during the night to get changed. I could team these with my cup and they would give me so much peace of mind, which with 3 young kids is hard to come by. Fingers crossed!

  16. Lou says:

    I love my washable pads so I’m really keen to try Eva undies. As an endometriosis sufferer, my periods can be so long and throwaway pads are irritating.

  17. Cindy says:

    I hadn’t know there was a kiwi company making these will be giving them a go regardless if I win or not 😉

  18. Juanita Torr says:

    I’d love to win so I can try them out, I’ve never used anything other than the ‘usual’ things for periods.

    • Grace says:

      I’ve been meaning to try some I Am Eva undies for aaages, now with this new AWWA kaupapa I am so on board!

    • Trish M says:

      I’d love to win a pair for so many reasons including my pocket, my body, the planet and the morals Awwa stands for. I want to set the standard for “normal” and wear these like I wear any other item of clothing, comfortably 🙂

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