Caffeine addiction – Perk up your skin with coffee-based beauty care!

From brow gel to face masques and under eye tighteners, we’ve got rather a lot of beauty brands on our site that use coffee! You all know the rather miraculous affect that a morning coffee can have, now we want to share Oh Natural’s coffee beauty care tips.

Why would you want coffee in your skincare routine? Because caffeine is incredible.

  • Caffeine has effective anti-inflammatory properties, for a more even skintone and healthier skin. Think less red blotches, more shazam!
  • Caffeine reduces dark under-eye circles so you look less tired (even if you are hanging on to your third flat white after a sleepless night with a sick child, your eyes will be simply gorgeous).
  • Caffeine works to reduce under eye puffiness as it restricts blood vessels – and the diuretic effect tightens skin temporarily. No more puffy eyed panda!
  • Caffeine boosts your skin’s circulation for a radiant visage! Coffee’s stimulating properties improve blood flow to help your skin look luminous, bright and healthy.
  • The acid in coffee gives your skin a light chemical exfoliation for a smoother fresher surface.
  • Drinking caffeine helps your skin too. Yes, really! Your standard flat white packs a powerful antioxidant punch that’s brilliant for overall skin health. Downing a long black unleashes antioxidants in the fight against premature skin ageing, and protects against damaging free radicals. Brewing coffee releases flavonoids, marvellous skincare actives, for inside-out antioxidant power. Bottoms up! Just be sure to drink enough water to combat that post-coffee thirst, and keep your hydration up.

Smoothing coffee on your skin while downing your morning flat white? This could really catch on!

Mmmm coffee smells so great – and now you can put it to work making you look gorgeous! From skincreams to face masks and body scrubs, you can get right amongst the coffee vibe.

One of our all-time favourite products is the 100% Pure Caffeine Eye Cream which gets amazing feedback from clients who report reduced under eye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines – as well as more hydrated, elastic skin!

Black Chicken’s Intensive eye serum includes green coffee bean oil to ‘stop sagging’ … ouch; sag! Let’s just say it helps tighten and brighten that sensitive under eye skin. And Linden Leaves White Tea & Melon Eye Cream also packs a clever caffeine punch for taught bright skin around the eyes.

If that isn’t enough to get you looking bright eyed and bushy tailed, grab a brightening concealer corrector or a brightening concealer with caffeine to help reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles while improving skin health.

With brows in the spotlight lately, this soft brow gel from 100% Pure uses coffee for pigment, and the anti-aging benefits of caffeine mean the skin will be kept soft and healthy while you enjoy on point brows over those youthful sparkling eyes.

The 100% Pure Caffeine Mask promises to restore sun damaged skin, soothe inflammation and redness, and stimulate circulation for brighter, healthier skin – all the goodness of caffeine, working directly on your face.

For a firming tan, this Eco Tan Cacoa Firming Mousse will enrich your skin tones while caffeine goes to work tightening your skin!

First, you might want to scrub your skin to smooth scented deliciousness with this Be Kind Coffee and Coconut Scrub and there’s one for your bloke too, with the ‘Man’ Coffee & Coconut Beard Body & face Scrub!

And that’s not all for the lads, we have Dark Heart Beard Co Coffee & Leather Beard Oil and Beard Balm. Scrumptious whiskery kisses coming right up!

From now on, we hope you enjoy your coffee on your skin – as well as in a cup!

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