Natural products for teen beauty & skincare

Ah, the teen years – a time of wonderful blossoming, exploration and an emerging sense of self. And oily hair, acne, BO and first periods. It isn’t all fun and games! We get a lot of requests for advice on the best products for teenagers, from natural teen skincare products to the best deodorant for growing lads. We’ve compiled our list of most popular natural products for teenagers right here!

Natural Skincare for Teens

Sub 24 is a New Zealand made skincare especially designed for – your guessed it – under 24’s! With a light, detoxifying cleanser, nutrient rich antioxidant moisturiser and a gentle face scrub designed for exfoliation without irritation, these products are ideal for teens and young adults.

Volo Anti-blemish Spray is an easy way to combat acne and troubled skin. Because it is a spray, it is easy to apply on areas that are traditionally hard to reach such as creams and lotions, its light and doesn’t make your skin feel oily. The manuka oil in this product has some of the highest antibacterial and antifungal properties in the world.

Black Robin Skincare includes the impurity fighting Green Genie Masque and the Mallow Out Soothing Masque which are great for sensitive or troubled skin, as well as lovely moisturiser and serum – and the lovely Whole Lotta Rosie Refreshing Mist, which may be all that young skin needs.

Herb Farm’s Energising Gel Cleanser is a lightly foaming facial cleanser which effectively removes impurities to leave your skin fresh and clean.  Perfect for oily and combination skin types, it is also formulated to cleanse and heal blemishes and acne.

Natural Makeup for teens

Luk Beautifood make a range of beautiful sheer 100% natural lipsticks made from clean active foods to hydrate, nourish and protect lips whilst giving you a pretty, soft glow.

We also love the super affordable Hurraw vegan lip balm range which uses natural colour tints, and is packed with scrumptious flavours like black cherry, papaya pineapple, mint – the list goes on!

ECO Minerals offers natural concealer, and lovely mineral blush, illuminating powder and bronzers to give a light radiance to young skin without layers of heavy make up.

Inika Organic have a lovely range of eyebrow pencils and eyeliners for a subtle touch of colour and definition around the eyes.

Natural Deodorants for Teens

Fun fresh and fruity scents and natural deodorising properties abound in the Little Mango Deodorant range with scents like mohito, vanilla, cedarwood and tea tree. Made in New Zealand these little beauties are made with nourishing butters and oils also which don’t clog your pores with aluminium, allowing you to sweat naturally, and baking soda as the active ingredient which eliminates body odour.

You can read our full review of natural deodorants here – all of these are suitable for teenagers and young adults, as well as older models, as they are all completely natural and free from aluminium!

Natural Period care for teenagers

NZ brands Bon Certified Organic Tampons and Oi pads are a great place to start, or if your girl is ready to try something more versatile, she might prefer Kiwi made The Hello Cup in Fit, which will last for years and saving loads of money, is even better for the environment, holds more than tampons and is unbelievably comfortable. We’re sold, how about you?

These days, there are even period undies like Modibodi for lighter days! Will the wonders never end?


Let us know what other natural products your teens have found useful!

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