Natural mineral sunblocks & Self Tanning for safe sun protection


Thanks to our ozone hole the New Zealand sun is savage and our melanoma cancer rates are among the world’s worst, so it’s essential to plan ahead for fun in the sun and take care of your precious skin. We have a wonderful range of all natural sunscreens and toxin free sunblocks so that sun protection doesnt mean slathering on a layer of harmful chemicals!

Mineral vs Chemical sunblocks – the verdict.

Which sunscreen gives better sun protection?

Mineral sunblocks use natural ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which literally reflect the sun’s rays away from our skin like a mirror. Because the minerals work immediately, the sunblock gives you instant sun protection. Also, these minerals don’t break down quickly, so they can offer longer lasting sun protection than generic brands. We ONLY stock mineral sunscreens at Oh Natural.

Other sunscreens use a chemical reaction to stop UV damage by dissipating heat away from the skin – but they can take half an hour to be effective, and the NZ sun can burn you in 10-15 minutes!

Which type of sunscreen is safer on your skin?

Generic ‘chemical-based’ sunblocks are also known for using some very nasty ingredients including skin irritants, endocrine disruptors, allergens – and even chemicals which can lead to skin abnormalities; including cancer. Spray-on sunblocks often leave toxic particles in the air that are unsafe to breathe. See our sunblock ingredient watch list here.

Like all our products, the Oh Natural range of mineral sunblocks in our online store contain only safe natural ingredients and natural fragrances. And, none are tested on animals – we love cruelty free.



Our range of Natural sunscreen & Natural Tanning brands is bursting with all-natural sunscreens and organic sunblocks to protect you and your family. Choose the natural sunblock to suit your lifestyle, from high zinc sunblock for sporty types to silky smooth natural suncreams for your face we have the perfect natural sunscreen for you. 

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Ama Balm



The kiwi babe’s safe tanning guide – Natural fake tan for younger, smoother skin

A safe tan is a fake tan! There is no way to safely tan in the sun, especially in New Zealand – every UV ray adds up to a slowly ticking time bomb. Any sun damage ages our skin cells, and makes us look older – and not in a ‘fantastic forties’ or ‘enigmatic eighties’ kind of way! We believe that a natural fake tan is a great summer go-to product for tawny limbs without any UV rays!

The extra bonus of fake tanning is that the sun dries and ages your skin, whereas our natural fake tans are designed to nourish and moisturise your skin while you tan!

Jump on over to browse our natural fake tan selection – we love the ever-popular Eco Tan natural self tanning range with after sun care, face tanning water, fake tan, body wash and scrub for smooth, golden skin this summer.


Repair and rejuvenate sun dried skin with natural skincare

Our fabulous range of natural skincare products are just what you need to revitalise your skin after a big day outdoors this summer. Cleanse, soothe and nourish for gorgeous healthy skin.

Facial serums are designed to rejuvenate skin at a cellular level, repairing the damage of UV rays. Look for vitamins, essential oils and super-botanical extracts to get a lasting result.

Our natural after sun balms help your skin recover from the harsh sun and are extra moisturising and soothing.

Combination Skin



Summer hair essentials – Get silky, sun-kissed beach babe hair

We’ve got all sorts of scrumptious natural hair care to keep your locks luscious all summer, from revitalising hair tonics to hydrating masks and nourishing natural shampoos and conditioners.

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After-sun care for naturally beautiful, nourished skin

Our natural Sun Care & Tanning selection has some lovely natural after sun skincare products including the Frankie Apothecary medicinal kawakawa balm and the Badger After Sun Balm. Eco Tan provide a gorgeous firming mousse and body wash designed to preserve your natural fake tan. And of course all our natural body creams, scrubs and oils are designed to treat your skin on a daily basis!



Generic sunblocks use some nasty synthetic chemicals including skin irritants, endocrine disruptors, allergens and even chemicals which can lead to skin abnormalities – including cancer.

  • Oxybenzone, a synthetic estrogen that penetrates the skin and can disrupt the hormone system, or cause photoallergic reactions,
  • Octinoxate, an endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen and can disrupt thyroid function
  • Octocrylene, can cause skin irritation,
  • PABAs which can lead to a variety of skin abnormalities from discoloration to cancer
  • Homosalate, a potential endocrine disruptor which may increase the absorption rate of pesticides
  • Parabens which are commonly used to preservative the sunscreen product
  • Vitamin A, also called retinyl palmitate or retinol, as tumours and lesions develop sooner on skin coated with creams containing vitamin A.

Avoiding spray on sunblocks is a good idea as the particles in the air may not be safe to breathe in. See our watch list at the end of this article for more information.

See the Environmental Working Group’s 2016 Guide to choosing safe suncreens for more tips!

Jenna’s PICK

We ONLY stock mineral sunscreens at Oh Natural so absolutely any in our range is a lovely natural sunblock option – but my favourite for the whole family is the Simple As That sunscreen, which is non-greasy, rubs in super-easily and doesn’t leave a white sheen.


Stay Sun Smart this Summer & Enjoy NZ

As wonderful as natural sunscreen and non-toxic sun care products are, it’s important to wear your sunnies and hat, cover up with cool clothing – and enjoy the shade on scorching days. Overall, the best protection is to limit exposure to UV rays.

Now get out there and make the most of our incredible country this summer – you can look your best and feel naturally fantastic, knowing you are taking great care of yourself, and your family!

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