Ramona writes: Life is plastic; it’s not fantastic

Check out this hugely informative (and pretty disturbing) article here in the Ramona Mag!

“A quick google search alerted me to number of recent news articles (I read this one and this one) regarding the fact that microplastic particles are present in a lot of bottled water. The Word Health Organisation plan to investigate whether or not a lifetime of eating or drinking particles of plastic could have an effect on a person’s health but lack of hard evidence aside for the moment, consuming tiny bits of the stuff Barbie is made out of ? “It’s a No for me”. Unfortunately, further googling uncovered the fact that I’ve probably been digesting microplastic for awhile now, as it has previously been found looming in a variety of consumer items including tap water, shellfish and table salt.

Let’s learn a little more about this trespasser that’s snuck its way into my diet.”

“Most plastics in our everyday lives are man-made through a chemical bonding process turning (usually) oil and gas molecules into monomers. Each type of plastic contain different chemicals to give them their own unique characteristics. Unfortunately, the chemicals in most plastic have been found to leach out, even before exposure to common use stresses (microwaving and light).

Read about the uses and potential health implications of the 7 main resin types here.”

Continue reading the very fabulous article on Ramona Mag here! Stylish pink pictures from Ramona Mag also.

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