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Qbaby TeethEase Gel is an all natural teething gel free of chemicals, preservatives artificial colours, flavours and harmful sugars.

– 100% natural ingredients
– No artificial colours, flavours or additives
– Supports the emerging teeth and gums
– Maintains a healthy oral environment
– Gentle action

QBaby TeethEase Gel is a combination of herbal extracts and clove oil in a base of Aloe vera gel. It is unique in that every ingredient contained within the product has an action, all the way from the herbal extracts down to the gel base. Not only does QBaby TeethEase Gel address the discomfort associated with teething, but also confers protection on the emerging teeth by keeping opportunistic bacteria away and promoting a hygienic environment. This ensures that your baby will have a healthy mouth and a glowing smile with every new tooth!