Woohoo! Deodorant Paste – Surf – Regular Strength

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Surf’s up! It’s time to put on your Hawaiian shirt, don your thongs (i.e. flip-flops / jandals / plakkies) and crack open a pineapple.

Woohoo Surf has the BO-busting power of our old fave Woohoo Urban, smells AMAZING! Like a tropical cocktail – think guava, passionfruit, melon, coconut and lime! But it’s the texture that really sets it apart.

Woohoo Surf is oh-so-smooth and creamy, and softer than our other Woohoos, so application is an absolute dream (and it lasts just as long so you can rely on it to protect you from smelling bad ALL day).

Woohoo Natural Deodorant Surf
Woohoo! Deodorant Paste – Surf – Regular Strength
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