7 ways to avoid plastic – Making Plastic Free July easy peasy

In 2011 a handful of Australians took the Plastic Free July challenge, and started a movement that grew to millions, across more than 200 countries last year!

Will you join the challenge this year, and help spread the word?
Or do you just want to de-plastic your life? Here are some tips to get you started!


Re-usable glass coffee cups are fantastic – we swear the coffee tastes much better, and the best cafes even give a discount if you BYO cup!


No more plastic tasting water with microparticles of plastic in (yes, really). Grab a steel  thermal GoodFor Lifetime or U-Konserve glass bottle!


We love the LilyBee Wraps, EcoSaint produce bags, Caliwoods Straws, Ever Eco cups and cutlery – so much waste-free goodness!


Ethique is famouse for zero-waste zero-plastic beauty from shampoo to skincare and deodorant – even tanning bars and doggy soap!


The Eco Brush toothbrushes and floss are so popular! Gorgeous bamboo and glass and not a shred of plastic in sight!


You’ve read all the stats about how much waste conventional pads and tampons make right? We’ve gathered a whole range of eco options.


We promise your order from Oh Natural will be delivered in a brown compostable paper bag or a cardboard box (depending how carried away you get!) and if you’d like to join the trend and take your own shopping bags when you go out, we recommend:

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