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A passion for healthy and sustainable living is what led Kate and Bevan to become the proud owners of Oh Natural, this fabulous New Zealand online conscious wellbeing and lifestyle store founded by Jenna Mullinger. As a family with Bevan’s two young girls, we believe in taking care of ourselves and the planet, naturally. Our motivation is to help others do the same by bringing you a large range of quality, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and natural beauty, wellness and lifestyle goodies online, so you can shop from anywhere!

We consciously select natural and eco-friendly products for you, your family and your home so you can live naturally while treading lightly on this earth. Our New Zealand owned online store is full of irresistible natural makeup, skincarewellness and lifestyle products, and for the vegans out there, we also offer a large selection of vegan products.

We are always on the lookout for new, exciting products and brands that fit our beliefs and values. So join us on Instagram, Facebook, and sign up to our newsletter to hear about the latest and greatest natural and eco-friendly products available and have them sent directly to you!

Remember, treat your wonderful body and the planet with kindness and respect and it will do the same in return. Feed it with natural goodness and look after yourself inside and out. Because let’s be real, there is only one you and one planet earth, and they’re both worth cherishing!

Words to live by – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

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It goes without saying that we only stock cruelty-free brands and everything we sell is free of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrance. We only stock the highest quality gorgeous guilt-free beauty products, 100% free from nasty toxins and animal testing – view our Ingredients Policy for more details

Our Waste Free Essentials range continues to grow at a rapid rate as more fabulous low to zero waste beauty, lifestyle and homewares become available, and our customers continue to request plastic-free, waste-free, re-useable options that let us all live lighter on our beautiful planet. We’re dedicated to bringing you more wonderful waste-free products!

Want to detox your life with natural wellness and personal care products? Discover our natural deodorants, natural hair care, period care, mother and baby products and the men’s range – or shop for natural supplements, teas and superfoods. We also stock a wide range of vegan & organic products,



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We want you to feel amazing & enjoy fantastic health & wellness!

Remember to treat your wonderful body with kindness and respect. Feed it with naturally organic goodness and look after yourself inside and out.  Your body is your temple, and let’s face it – you are worth cherishing!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we really do love hearing from you and will do everything we can to help. You can also see what other customers say about Oh Natural here.

We stock lots of brands that support great causes & we do our bit too

Oh Natural gives back to people, animals and the planet by sponsoring HUHA, Sustainable Coastlines and World Vision.

Thanks so much for visiting Oh Natural and for being a part of our journey in some way. Our fabulous customers truly make our day, and we hope that our products will make yours!