How To: Oil Cleanse with Tailor!

Curious about Oil Cleansing? You’re not the only one! We’ve noticed there’s been a lot more discussion around this subject lately. Articles in beauty magazines and newspapers all over the world are touting its benefits for our skin and at Tailor we can only say that it’s about time! It’s only been recently – with the introduction of synthetic skin care products – that using oils on our skin has been vilified. Well, we want to change that opinion!

Oils are actually highly absorbent in nature and cleansing oils work on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’. Our skin has natural oils that combine with sweat to provide a protective layer called the “acid mantle.” Traditional cleansers can strip the skin of the acid mantle and leave it exposed to environmental pollutants that cause the skin to overproduce oil. Cleansing oils don’t strip the skin of its protective acid mantle, instead they work to absorb the toxic environmental gunk our skin attracts and dead skin cells, which build up during the day, and replenish the skin with clean, nutritious oil resulting in balanced healthy skin. Cleansing oils are the best way to gently and effectively remove makeup, unclog pores and leave your skin feeling fresh, moisturised and balanced. Oil cleansing is not only great for oily or acne prone skin, but it also does wonders for dry, weathered, or eczema damaged skin.

Often, people are concerned that using an oil-based product will make their skin worse or appear oily. We’ve been conditioned by mainstream skincare companies to think that oil free products are the way to go, but this is simply not true. Oil cleansers are able to breakdown and dissolve the oil on the skin, and with some light massaging they are also able to remove hardened oil, like blackheads. Once the oil is washed off and wiped away with a warm damp facecloth you’ll notice that your skin not only feels soft, but it also feels hydrated. This is because the oils in the cleanser have replaced your skin’s natural acid mantle, keeping the skin protected and hydrated by mimicking the skin’s natural sebum (oil).

We’ve found at Tailor Skincare that the best blend of cleansing oil is a combo of organic virgin coconut oil that is rich in Lauric Acid and organic cold pressed sunflower seed oil, which is rich in Linoleic and Oleic fatty acids. These help to moisturise and nourish the skin. New Zealand grown cold pressed Hazelnut oil is rich in Vitamin E for antioxidant protection and organic kanuka essential oil has antimicrobial benefits that help prevent breakouts. This blend is what makes up our Tailor Oil Cleanse, along with enrichment from natural skin loving Vitamins E and rosemary extract.

Taking time out and pampering yourself with our Tailor Oil Cleanse is easy, relaxing and the perfect decadent treat to yourself after a long day. We recommend:

•Start with a dry face. Apply the cleansing oil directly over your makeup or bare skin.

•Massage the cleansing oil in an upward circular motion to assist the pores to unclog. Concentrate on the areas with the most congestion or make up. Spend between 30 seconds to 2 minutes doing this. Be gentle around the eye area.

•Soak a clean washcloth in hot water. Squeeze the excess water out of the washcloth and drape over your face to allow the steam to remove any excess oil from the skin. Note: please ensure the water is not so hot that it burns but warm enough that it will provide a steam facial to open your pores.

•Gently dab your face and repeat the steam facial 1-2 times. Alternatively you can rinse the oil with warm water.

•Pat your skin dry and follow with a couple drops of Tailor Hydrate or Tailor Moisture.

Keep in mind that when you begin a cleansing oil routine some people, but not all, have reported experiencing a “purge stage”. This is when the skin tends to get worse before it gets better and may mean that you have a break out while the cleansing oil draws residual build up from the skin. The purge stage usually lasts between 2-3 days but in some cases can last up to 2 weeks – it all depends on the amount of underlying skin congestion. During the purge stage it is important to understand that this oil flow is normal and a sign that your skin is restoring balance and will start to loose its thick congested appearance.

Then, get ready for the compliments and be prepared to show off your glow!

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Check out Tailor’s Oil Cleansing Tutorial below…

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