Black Chicken Remedies Natural Deodorant & Perfumes to be won!

Enter to WIN a Black Chicken Remedies Perfume & Natural Deodorant

We asked Chey from Black Chicken Remedies how she came up with the incredibly popular Axilla Deodorant, how she created the scrumptious scent and more about Black Chicken Remedies.

She was so pleased to hear that it’s our top-selling product that she is offering our followers the chance to win a natural deodorant and a natural perfume – watch the video to find out how, then comment below with your answer! You’ll get another chance on social media so keep an eye out, tag a friend and enter again!

2 thoughts on “Black Chicken Remedies Natural Deodorant & Perfumes to be won!

  1. Brittany Jackson says:

    I Love the original axilla deodorant paste and the transcendence perfume!! Thanks for the amazing products!!

  2. maria kinigalakis says:

    I was a chicken for not using the deodorant paste before because I did not think it would work but since buy it. I have not gone back to using sprays or roll ons

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