Kate’s Picks for a Minimalist Life

For the last few years I’ve been on a minimalism journey (I’m not perfect, like I said, its a journey) and as part of this, I’ve been embracing low waste and multipurpose products along with downsizing my wardrobe and the amount of “stuff” I have. Here are a few of my favourite Oh Natural products that I love using because they tick so many boxes.
Stainless Steel Safety Razor


We’ve seen a lot of Stainless Steam Safety Razors flying out the door recently as people look to make the move to a more sustainable lifestyle with less waste and less cost! I can highly recommend both the Caliwoods and Sustainablah Reusable Razors as an alternative to plastic razors. What’s more, the blades cost a fraction of the price of conventional razors and Caliwoods recycle them for you! Need some more tips on how to use them? Read our blog article on Why we love reusable safety razors
That Red House Soapberries
That Red House Soapberries
That Red House Soapberries tick the multipurpose box as well as being super low waste. They are a fab multipurpose cleaning & laundry product that comes in a raw form and is not processed meaning it requires less manufacturing waste. To find out how versatile they are, check out our blog about the different ways you can use them. If you are looking for a natural, low waste, multipurpose product, I highly recommend them!
Woohoo Deodorant
WOOHOO! Natural Deodorant
Say goodbye to B-O with Woohoo! Natural Deodorants. They have a great range to choose from but my pick is the Mellow for sensitive skin which I use on days when I have shaved my armpits to prevent the sting! On the theme of waste-free, this comes in a waste-free stick option which is multipurpose being anti-chafe as well. It also comes in a plastic-free tin which also comes in a mini size so you can test it out. Both of these can be reused as multipurpose containers for holding jewellery, loose leaf tea, spices, snacks and a load of other random stuff!
Earths Candles
Earth Candles
Last year my mum bought me a lovely candle from Earth Candles as a present and I absolutely loved it! Earth Candles are made using repurposed wine and beer bottles from local businesses and sustainable soy wax. And… It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Even after the candle’s life has come to an end you can re-use the glass jar – I’ve re-purposed mine as a pen-holder on my desk but you could use it as a toothbrush holder, kitchen utensil holder, make-up holder, vase – the list is endless. They make a fab gift for the person that has everything and anyone on a waste-free journey.
Tahi Oils
As I mentioned, multipurpose products are my jam! Skincare can be such a hard part of life to minimalise, but multipurpose products make this a lot easier. Tahi Oils have amazing multipurpose oils that can be used for hair, scalp, body, face and bath! My favourite is Marino which is great for people with sensitive skin and I love using it as an oil cleanser and face oil. It comes in glass packaging so it’s another great low waste product and its batch made in NZ!
Along with helping you towards a more minimalist lifestyle, this selection of Oh Natural products, as with all Oh Natural products, are cruelty-free and ethically made so you can rest assured that you are buying products that are not only good for you but also good for other living beings (animals and humans). Find out more about this in our Ingredients Policy
Minimalism is asking why before you buy – Francine Jay

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