Sayonara plastic razors… We love reusable safety razors

Steel safety razors shave closer and smoother

Shaving with a safety razor may take a little time to hone to a find skill, but you’ll get the closest, smoothest shave you’ve ever had!

Using safety razors also means less skin irritation, because they use very high quality steel that cuts hairs effortlessly, and each pass with the razor is only one blade sliding over your skin; not 3 – 5 low quality blades scraping against your skin!

The  inferior quality steel in cheap ‘disposable’ (read ‘rubbish that lasts for thousands of years’) razors isn’t nearly as sharp  and is more likely to cause shave bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Your shower should be a precious slice of ‘me time’ in your day – what better way to feel virtuously VIP than to lather up with the zesty Ethique Shampoo and Shave Bar and glide your razor along your legs…?

How to use a steel safety razor

Once you find the right angle and pressure for your skin you’ll never look back. Start by reminding yourself to glide the razor along your skin instead of dragging it the way you would with a plastic throw-away razor.

  • shave while you’re taking a hot shower to ensure skin is soft and pores are open
  • lather up! For guys, use a shave brush to create a richer, thicker lather
  • aim for a 35 degree angle between the razor and your skin
  • go lightly and let the weight of the safety razor do the work. You don’t need to apply much pressure – if any!
  • use lots of small strokes, rather than dragging the razor across a large section
  • shave with the grain on your first pass
  • for an extra close shave apply more lather and shave across or against the grain

Guys, here is an expert guide for you!

One thought on “Sayonara plastic razors… We love reusable safety razors

  1. Laura says:

    Love this! But when I do reach a point where I want to dispose of the razor, how do I go about doing that? Just throw it in general waste? Or recycling??

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