Why Organic?

This week is Organic Week, an annual celebration of all things organic and a chance to educate and help kiwis really understand what organic is. We asked five of our favourite kiwi brands why they choose to use organic and what it means for their brand.


AWWA is a kiwi brand to feel proud of! Not only are AWWA creating much-needed awareness around period poverty and supporting those in need, but they are also huge advocators for the environment and sustainability is a big part of their brand ethos.

“For AWWA using organic cotton over conventional cotton is a no brainer! Most conventional cotton is grown using genetically modified seeds, which causes environmental issues such as water and soil pollution. Conventional cotton consumes a lot more water than organic cotton. A single T-shirt using conventional cotton needs over 2900 litres of water to be produced! Organic cotton uses around 88% less than this.⁠

To be certified as organic cotton no pesticides or chemicals are used, leaving the soil more fertile for future crops and requiring less water to manage them. Any weeds around the cotton crops are physically removed, and insects handpicked.⁠

Keeping crops free of harmful chemicals is not only good for the environment but also ensures the health and wellbeing of the workers in the fields. Many lives are saved simply by workers not being exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals found on non-organic cotton crops.”⁠

Michele Wilson


Santosa is a beautiful brand home brand who’s products are handmade with love in NZ and packaged with sweet little mindful reminders.

“In a world full of choices, we found ourselves drawn to making healthier ones, particularly when it came to what we ate, purchased and the products we used. We realised that what you put on your body could have as much impact as what you put in it. This was important not only for us, but for our family and the home we live in.⁠

That’s why we decided to incorporate Organic Vegetable Oils into our full Santosa product range. These organic oils are not only kinder to the planet, but also – we believe – bring even more wellness to our mind, body and home.”

Katie Higgins


Bonk Lube is an innovative and unique natural personal lubricant brand made with 100% natural goodness and certified organic by Bio Grow.

“What some people overlook is the fact is that sensitive vaginal tissues are very absorbent so you want to ensure any lube you use is of the highest quality, is free of harsh chemicals and does no harm. Organic certification is a way of ensuring the safety of our product.

Bonk lube is unique in that our Certified Organic personal lubricants are designed, made and rigorously tested in New Zealand. Internationally recognised Organic Certifier BioGro New Zealand have audited and approved our ingredients, suppliers and manufacturing processes.⁠

Having the BioGro logo on our products means you can have confidence in the organic integrity of our sex lubricants, no greenwashing here! Bonk personal lubricants are made without GMO, animal testing, pesticides, herbicides or ANY nasty chemicals, so you can relax knowing that your most sensitive skin is getting pure, guilt-free goodness. Our completely non-toxic organic personal lubricant means great sex has never been so safe!⁠”

Amanda Hawkins


The Herb Farm products all contain herbs from their on-site spray-free gardens. Sarah Cowan (Managing Director, The Herb Farm) explains why using natural and organic ingredients is the heart of The Herb Farm.

“We believe that when something is organic, it is the way nature intended it to be and will be in its strongest, purest form which is exactly what we want for our products and the customers that use them. We also believe that this is the most sustainable way to produce constant results.

The Herb Farm products all contain herbs from their on-site spray-free gardens. Sarah Cowan (Managing Director, The Herb Farm) explains why using natural and organic ingredients is the heart of The Herb Farm, “We believe that the cells in our bodies are attuned to natural products and when products are made with a loving energy and using only extracts from nature then the results are unsurpassed.⁠ Our own ingredients made on the farm, such as our herbal tinctures and some oils, are made with great care from the herbs that have been lovingly grown in our own tranquil rural paradise and of course, there are no sprays used on our herbs. There is no reason to put potentially harmful chemicals on our bodies.”

Sarah Cowan


Be Kind Body Co. is a natural skincare brand made by hand in NZ using ingredients that are both kind to your skin and the environment.

“We are so lucky to have such a wide range of natural, organic ingredients available at our fingertips. There really is no need for chemicals or harsh substances. Your skin is the largest living breathing organ in your body and we believe you shouldn’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put IN your body.

Going organic is not only better for you. It is more sustainable and better for the environment too ”

Kristen Mannering


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Be Kind Body Co


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Maxwell & McIntyre Oral Health



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